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SD4 Public Presentation

SD4 Public Presentation

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Please Note: It is a requirement of SNU Bye-Laws that course SD1 must be completed before this course can be taken with the tutor option.  If you have not yet completed and passed SD1 and you purchase the tutor option, your order will be refunded.

If purchasing the tutor option, you have a maximum period of 2 years to complete the course and you must start the course and submit your first question within six months.


Student Guidelines

Section 1 - Spirit and You

Section 2 -  Construction and Design
The Address
Spiritualism as a Science
Spiritualism as a Philosophy
Spiritualism as a Religion

Section 3 - Eight Main Elements of Good Use of Language and Memory Techniques
The Words Speakers Use
Sentence Construction
Connectors, Flow
Vivid Word Power, Potent Words
Vocabulary, Theme Advancement
The Hearing Test, Sight Test
Association of Ideas, Combination

Section 4 - The Nine Avenues of Presentation and Delivery
The Avenues
Gesture, Stance, Eye Contact
Facial Expression, Pregnant Pause, Breath Control
Voice, Volume, Pace
Inflection and Tone, Pitch
Pronunciation, Accent and Enunciation
Some Do’s and Don’ts
Silence is Golden, What NOT to say
The Boring indicator
Dress, Timing

Section 5 - The Six Great Fears
Fear of the Unknown
Fear of being misunderstood
Fear of the audience
Fear of Inaudibility
Fear of Oneself
Fear of the physical reaction to speakingSection

6 - Different Types of Meetings and Obstacles to overcome
The Lecture
The Discussion
Question and Answer Session
The Demonstration
Meetings with the Media
The Heckler at:
An Address or Lecture
Question and Answer Session
The Cougher
The Sweet Tooth

Test Papers

The course notes will be emailed to you as a pdf document. You will require Acrobat Reader to open them.

You have three options when buying this course:

A. Course notes only;
B. Course notes plus an SNU approved email tutor/examiner, for SNU and SNUi members (+£20);
C. Course notes plus an SNU approved email tutor/examiner, for none members (+£44).

If you are not a member you can add SNUi membership to your basket for only £21. This equals a total cost with this course of only £51, as opposed to the none members cost of £54. Membership also gives you unlimited access to our live online tuition for on year.

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