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SD1 Basic Speaking And Demonstrating

SD1 Basic Speaking And Demonstrating

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If purchasing the tutor option, you have a maximum period of 2 years to complete the course and you must start the course and submit your first question within six months.


Student Guidelines.

Section 1 - A brief History of Modern Spiritualism
Early Pioneers
Brief Structure of the SNU

Section 2 -  Phenomena of Spiritualism
Physical Phenomena  -  Levitation; Percussion; Telekinesis;
Apports; Spirit Photography; Direct Voice; Materialisation;
Mental Phenomena  -  Clairvoyance; Clairaudience;
Clairsentience; Spirit Writings; Psychic Drawing; Healing; Trance.

Section 3 - Development and Training
Preparation of an Address; Speaking in Public;
Teaching Class; Speaking Practice; Readings; Chairing;
Open Platform; The Shared Service; The Student Group;
Discussion Group; Development Circle;
Church Open Circle; Open Platform; The Debate;
Awareness Group; Debate; Lectures;
Seminars/Workshops; Questions and Answers;
Speaking to the Media; Exercises; Tongue-Twisters;
Mini Services; Meeting Practice; A Minute of your Time.

Section 4 - Ethics & Purposes of Mediumship & Platform Presentation
Do’s and Don’ts of Mediumship;
Some Purposes of Mediumship;
Do’s and Don’ts of Presentation; Prayers.

Section 5 - Speaking at Church Meetings
Religious Meetings; Divine Service;
Publicity Meeting; Healing Service/Session;
Special Services; Official Services;
Church, District and Union Business Meetings;
Committee Meetings; Chairing; Motions;
Rules of Debate

Section 6 - The Philosophy of Spiritualism

Test Papers

Recommended Book List.

The course notes will be emailed to you as a pdf document. You will require Acrobat Reader to open them.

You have three options when buying this course:

A. Course notes only;
B. Course notes plus an SNU approved email tutor/examiner, for SNU and SNUi members (+£20);
C. Course notes plus an SNU approved email tutor/examiner, for none members (+£44).

If you are not a member you can add SNUi membership to your basket for only £21. This equals a total cost with this course of only £51, as opposed to the none members cost of £54. Membership also gives you unlimited access to our live online tuition for on year.

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