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Mediumship & the Mind DVD

Mediumship & the Mind DVD

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Mediumship & the Mind DVD - By Martin Twycross

This Mediumship & the Mind DVD is the fifth in a series of special topics in the “A Course in Mediumship” DVD series. The DVD uses a tutorial format and comprises formal teaching supported by illustrations.

This DVD looks at how our mind works and how it affects our mediumship.  It stresses the individuality of mediumship because of the uniqueness of each of our minds..  It runs for 2 hours and 1 min and the detailed contents of this DVD are:

Some Definitions - Our Spiritual Nature - Model of the Mind - Flow From Spirit - Properties of the Mind - Mediumship as an Abnormality - Telepathy Model - Filters of the Mind -  Are You Left or Right Brained? - Individuality of Mediumship - The Psychic Senses and Modalities - Finding Your Dominant Modality - Modalities and Mediumship - The Mind and Behaviour - Limiting Beliefs - Memory - Conditioning - Associations and Symbols - Harnessing the Subconscious Mind - Comfort Zones in Mediumship - Differences Between Male and Female Mediums - Questions & Answers

Please note that this DVD was recorded during a live class using a static camera and includes audience interaction and student participation. Whilst the production quality is not that associated with professional studios, this does not detract from its value as a teaching aid.

The DVD is only available in both PAL (European) and NTSC (US) formats.


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